BBM Foundation

To work for the development of women and children in special, for young youth men, the adolescents and the deprived and marginalized sections of the society.

To help the youth group of various communities for the prosecution of studies and future leadership.

To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars and excursions for the diffusion of knowledge of Minority and other marginalized women youth.

To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons of backward community.

To alleviate the sufferings of animals or pet or other living creatures as may be deemed appropriate.

To help to organize self help group based program for augmentation of the livelihood opportunities of the same women group and other backward people at the grass root level as being beneficial to the Public or to a section of Public.

To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage educational Institution (Kinder to junior level, to higher secondary level, to college and University level), libraries, International standard community centre, for the benefit of women and men youth, general public.

To adopt modern village concept with various facility aspect and facilitate its people most essential amenities.

To work towards enhancement of skills for women particularly the weaker section of our society.

Health awareness program for the underserved and underprivileged people through health meals, health camps and outreach program.

To organize counselling services for the children in need battered women, and abused children and depressed persons.

Confidence and capacity building through skill training.

Improvement of status of unemployed women and men in the society by providing skill, vocational training, and exposure in respective field to their desire.

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